Key Features

MyBudgetFile is K-12 budgeting software for the connected age. The system helps your budgeting team balance classroom demands with available financial resources, so you know where to allocate funds to boost student achievement.

Cloud Based

100s of Budgets in 1

Handle every aspect of your budget, including supplies, food services, capital costs, salaries and benefits.

No Extra IT Costs

You don’t need additional servers or networking equipment. Online delivery means we host your MyBudgetFile system, so you don’t have to invest in additional IT infrastructure.

Clear Accountability

Every change made throughout the budgeting process is tracked. Users work together simultaneously, while seeing only the specific budget areas for which they are responsible.


You can see where resources are allocated, and how they’re being used to boost student achievement.

Real-time numbers

Your team sees the impact of changes instantly because the system recalculates the entire district budget after every number adjustment.

Anywhere, anytime access

Budgeting often happens outside of regular school hours. MyBudgetFile is available anywhere with an Internet connection on any device.

Accurate Planning

Multiple Scenarios

Multiple Scenarios

MyBudgetFile allows you to plan and develop your school district budget outside of your accounting system.

Accurate Staff Planning

Accurate Staff Planning

Forecast your staff budget based on pay frequencies, work calendars and benefit providers. You can also run an unlimited number of what-if scenarios.

Performance Planning

Performance Planning

Align goals, objectives, strategies and resource allocations with your school district’s mission, vision and priorities.

Flexible Design

Easy to Customize

Easy to Customize

MyBudgetFile is set up to mirror the way your district allocates funds. You don’t have to adapt your processes to work with the system.

Financial System Integration

Financial System Integration

You can transfer key budget data between other information systems, such as your finance, human resources and payroll systems.

No Programmers Needed

No Programmers Needed

We built MyBudgetFile on the Microsoft.NET Framework. We’ll train your staff how to build, customize and update your budget without outside help. No consultants needed.

Custom Presentations

MyBudgetFile reports are customizable, so you can create one version of the report for your finance department and a summarized version for the board of education.

Upcoming Features

Easy Budget-Center Management

We made it easy to move and combine budget centers to accommodate sweeping organizational and accounting changes.

Staff Change Tracking

Who went on maternity leave? Who retired? Now you can import staff information from your HR system at the beginning and end of each budgeting cycle – and see changes year to year.

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Latest Blogs

Latest Blogs

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