K-12 Budgeting Software for the Connected Age

MyBudgetFile leverages the expertise of leaders at every level of your school district to support student success.

Schools work with students. Finance works with numbers. We help everyone work together.

From school principals up to district superintendents, MyBudgetFile makes it easy for everyone to contribute their expertise to the school district budget.

Designed by School Administrators

People with decades of experience in education, school finance and information technology designed MyBudgetFile for K-12 school systems.

Collaborative Budgeting

MyBudgetFile facilitates collaboration between teams working on the individual budgets that make up the school district budget.

No Spreadsheets Required

Developing budgets with MyBudgetFile is a whole lot easier and faster because your budget manager doesn’t have to pass files back and forth, or consolidate budget information from spreadsheets.

Spend less time on budgeting.
More time on student achievement.

We designed MyBudgetFile based on 35 years of experience in education and K-12 district finance. Today school district feedback pushes us to innovate, add new features and meet ever-changing business processes. MyBudgetFile streamlines the whole budgeting process by bringing academic planning and financial planning teams closer together. You don’t need a financial background to use it.

By removing the knowledge barriers between individual school and district budget stakeholders, MyBudgetFile serves as a catalyst for collaboration, transparency and accountability.

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Hundreds of Budgets in One
We created a system that handles every aspect of your budget, from supplies and materials to food services, capital costs to employee salaries and benefits.

All-in-One Budgeting Solution

MyBudgetFile is an online budgeting, planning and reporting system for K-12 school districts.

No Extra IT Infrastructure Costs

Online delivery means we host your MyBudgetFile system, so you don’t have to invest in additional IT infastructure.

Clear Accountability

MyBudgetFile lets users work together simultaneously, while seeing only the specific budget areas for which they are responsible.

Accurate Staff Planning

MyBudgetFile enables accurate staff budget forecasting based on pay frequencies, work calendars and benefit providers. You can also run an unlimited number of what-if scenarios.

Financial System Integration

You can transfer key budget data between other information systems, such as your finance, human resources and payroll systems.

Custom Presentations

MyBudgetFile reports are customizable, so you can create one version of the report for your finance department and a simplified version for the board of education.

Online Training and 24-hour Support

We’ll train your team how to customize MyBudgetFile to their specific needs. If you ever encounter a problem, help is available 24/7.

Meet Our Team

Thomas Olson


Brad Mastaler

Chief Software Architect

Tony Olson

Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Trevor Olson

Vice President of Operations

Nikita Jerrett

Client Support Specialist

Orville Borys

Client Implementation Specialist

Seb McDougall

Sales Consultant U.S. Operations

June Murphy

Client Implementation Specialist

Aaron Vankosky

Lead Developer

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