Create. Customize. Update. MyBudgetFile trains your district how to do everything, so you don’t need to hire programmers to make changes.

Set up the way your district does business

MyBudgetFile works with your team to set up and implement a MyBudgetFile solution that mirrors your existing business processes. By the end of the implementation, you’ll have your most current budget in the cloud-based system and your team will know how to create, customize and update your budget.

1. Needs Analysis

MyBudgetFile will meet with your executive teams to evaluate your existing business and budgeting processes. From there, we’ll develop an implementation plan that suits your schedule.

2. Training Budget Managers

Your Budget Managers are the people who will oversee your school district’s budgeting process. Budget Managers learn how to create, customize and update your school district budget while they build it.

3. Educating System Users

We’ll help your school district’s Budget Managers create training materials and sessions for everyone who will be involved in the budgeting process, including school principals and business unit managers.

4. Testing and Launch

MyBudgetFile technicians will work with your IT teams to import your budget data and integrate your financial and HR systems. After we’ve tested everything thoroughly, we’ll start the launch countdown.

5. Continous Improvement

Once MyBudgetFile is up and running at your school district, our trainers will keep your Budget Managers informed about new features and capabilities as they become available.

24/7 Technical Support

Technical Requirements

MyBudgetFile requires no additional IT infrastructure, such as servers or networking equipment. Delivered in a software-as-a-service model, all you need to use MyBudgetFile is an Internet connection and one of many popular web browsers.


MyBudgetFile integrates with Active Directory or any other standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol for single sign-on authorization. Permissions are controlled per user and budget center, including read only and change authorization options.

Latest Blogs

Latest Blogs

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